Get to know Protetite – nutrient to increase bone mass

         ‘Protetite’ is a nano-molecular innovation extracted from fish scales of the Thai Jullien’s Golden-Price Carp which most resembles human bone cells, allowing the body to easily absorb to strengthen bones.

The research study “BONE LOSS Great Danger to Health and Life” written by Dr. Sansit Srisukont, Naturopathy or natural medicine specialist, said bone loss is a ‘silent health risk’ because ‘bones’ plays many important roles including protecting internal organs such as our skull which protects the brain, our chest bones, ribs, and spine protecting our heart and lungs.

Furthermore, bones are anchors for organs both directly and indirectly. As we age, our bones deteriorate, our spine shrinks, and our heart and lungs pushes down on our organs in our abdomen causing organs in the chest to not function properly, consequentially causing irregularities in the abdomen and groin where our reproductive organs are situated.

Mr. Yoshiaki Okada, Chairman of RBS (Japan) assigned Isamu Kasima, top bone specialist in Japan who previously worked in the field of research on nutrient capsules for astronauts for more than 10 years. He had been researching the “Jullien’s Golden-Price Carp” and found that, upon undergoing the proprietary extraction to become the nano-molecule Type 1 collagen of Protetite, the body can absorb, store, and utilize it to increase bone mass and strengthen bones quickly.

Because of its molecular structure is similar to that of the human body, it is readily absorbed, stored, and utilized quicker than simple compounds comprising complex compounds including calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, attached to collagen, which play an important role in forming the fundamental structure for osteoblasts to bind and create a strong bone structure.

The research team conducted an experiment on laboratory mice induced to have osteoporosis by removing ovaries, giving them Protetite everyday for two months to compare. The team studied 3D bone density scans of the experimental mice and measured their calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium in their blood. They found that outer bone density increased significantly and inner bone tissues grew, increasing the strength of their bones without any side effects.

Apart from that, another experiment was conducted in 30 post-menopausal women susceptible to bone loss and at risk of osteoporosis, giving them Protetite for 1 year. It was found that bone density increased and Protetite was effective in reducing bone loss. This experiment resulted in the approved patents on manufacturing process and quality of raw materials from 4 countries including Japan, USA, China, and Korea.

Most importantly, all consumers must be aware that calcium alone cannot strengthen bones and bone marrow. They must work together with collagen in synergy. Just as a concrete pillar requires steel rods to stabilize its structure, bones require collagen to stabilize the bone structure. If collagen is destroyed one day, calcium in the bones will also lose its stability.