If you take calcium supplements, read this article and it might change your life!

Do you know…why calcium supplements can be dangerous? We have known about calcium supplements for a long time and the commonly discussed problem is the side-effects that come with consuming calcium supplements. Some people even recommend against taken them and instead resort to increasing calcium sources in our regular diets. Of course…if we can consumer sufficient amounts in our diets, regularly exercise, and get sufficient rest, we wouldn’t need to take calcium supplements…right? But what if our bodies don’t digest and absorb calcium very well from our food…even with vitamin D helping to increase absorption, we would still be in calcium deficit. So let’s review what can make a calcium supplement dangerous; what’s happening with medical inventions; instead of helping us to live, they’re making it worse for us?

Calcium – when calcium enters our bodies, they will first be absorbed into our bloodstream. Our blood cells will store the calcium in the amount it needs before discharging them. We understand very well that we take calcium supplements to enhance bone strength…right?…What would happen if we ingest more calcium than the blood cells need, and they end up in undesirable places? Instead of helping to increase bone mass, they might end up in other parts of our bodies, causing a variety of health problems such as joint pain, kidney stones, or develop into tumors. If that’s the risk, why should we take calcium supplements?

Because the problem is because calcium ends up in the wrong places after we eat and absorb it, efforts were made to develop a better version of calcium to side step that problem. It is like rerouting calcium to be more direct to their destination, so that when we take them, they truly strengthen our bones.

That’s why Dr.Boplus was developed. Many people guessed that it would be the same as any other calcium brands. Many are afraid of its side-effects. That’s valid. We should be afraid. We can’t try just anything with our bodies. A wrong choice could end up harming ourselves. Therefore, to conquer that fear or doubt, it is important to study the product information and its offered benefits. So let’s take a look at how Dr.Boplus is different from other calcium supplements.

Dr.Boplus is calcium phosphate with collagen and magnesium. Its structure resembles that of human bones. Once ingested, they are dissolved in the stomach. The molecule of Dr.Boplus is a nano-molecule and is a complex compound that does not require molecular rearrangement for absorption. Collagen promotes absorption of calcium phosphate and magnesium…and where does it take them?…to build bone mass, not to be randomly located, as proven by experimental results that prove its benefit in promoting growth of bone mass.