About Dr..BOPLUS

          INTRA Healthy Care Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of INTRA Enterprise Co., Ltd. established with the objective to prevent osteoporosis. (For more than 30 years, the founder of INTRA Enterprise Co. Ltd. had been in the business of importing chemical additives, industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, and other chemical products from Japan, Taiwan, Australia, etc. for leading businesses in Thailand). The company works with Japanese researcher and innovator Mr. Yoshiaki Okada (1 of the 100 INVENTORS and Chairman of RBS Co., Ltd.), the inventor of Protetite (a natural nutrient that has had its manufacturing process patented; new to Japan, USA, China, Korea, and Taiwan) and Mr. Isamu Kashima, Dean of Kanagawa Dental College (the inventor of food for NASA astronauts for more than 10 years) to join in the research of this nutrient called Protetite.

As the qualities of Protetite outranked other calcium supplements according to Dr. Isamu Kashima’s research, Chairman (K.Apirak Cheewasatienporn) decided to learn more about the qualities of Protetite by taking the product himself along with his family. He has also worked with Mahidol University to examine and disperse knowledge about the product to society since 2010. People who expressed interest were invited to participate in an experiment to increase bone density by themselves via QUS (an ultrasound-based bone density scanner), seminars to disperse knowledge about the qualities of Protetite broadcasted via TV, radio, road show booths, magazines and publications, on the internet, hospitals, etc. Protetite has now been accepted by health professionals including doctors, pharmacists, health product distributors, etc. both locally and internationally.

With the determination to promote healthy bones of the Thai people for a better quality of life, the Chairman of INTRA Enterprise Co., Ltd. and companies in the network, INTRA Healthy Care Co., Ltd. has sought after high-quality nutrients both within Thailand and abroad that have been thoroughly researched and proven to offer benefits for society to import into Thailand. In addition, a health center offering free bone density scanning will be established in the future to give back to society.